A Letter from our Chairwoman

I want to be your next California College Republicans (CCR) State Chair because if the historic, unprecedented events of these past few months have taught me anything, it’s that we can’t take success for granted. California College Republicans are on the rise, but we need to do more in order to build upon our successes. We cannot thrive through complacency. We need to rebuild this organization using the hundreds of talented College Republicans currently a part of our organization and the thousands of future College Republicans with whom we haven't yet connected.

We all put an incredible amount of effort into both statewide and national elections leading up to election day, and our hard work should not go in vain. With your support, RebuildCCR will ensure that the California GOP remains a check on Democrats in Sacramento and continues to get Republicans elected in all levels of government.

With Trump in the White House, anti-conservative sentiment and hysteria will only increase. Our rights as conservatives will be silenced with greater force as administrators face pressure from faculty and students to slow the momentum Republicans have gained in the academic sphere.


As the President of the College Republicans at UC Irvine, I know first-hand what it’s like to fight for our First Amendment rights on college campuses, whether that means bringing in conservative speakers despite the roadblocks protestors and administrators place in our way, or challenging the steps those groups take to silence College Republican chapters themselves.

However, effective conservative activism doesn’t just stop at that: we have to unapologetically get our message across to fellow students, politicians, and Californians alike through student journalism. For far too long, leftists have controlled the narrative surrounding how the young conservative movement is portrayed to the public at large.

This is our chance to write our own story.

I understand that spreading the conservative message on campus is and should be a different process for each individual chapter and, as your chair, I will recognize and celebrate that uniqueness. Each college shines in its own way and has its own methods of operation and I plan on implementing a bottom-up approach to the state board which allows each chapter to decide according to their own individual capacity how they wish to move forward.

My board will work for its chapters, not the other way around.

This is no time to rest on laurels – it truly is a time for choosing. In order to fully take advantage of the Republican Party’s recent national victories, I hope to earn your vote at our 2017 Convention and to rebuild the California College Republicans.

Ariana Rowlands

Mission Statement

Rebuild CCR wants California College Republicans to be strong on every level, and that starts with strong chapters. The California College Republicans will continue to be an organization that enables hard workers who support and promote conservatism and conservative candidates for elected office, and reject political correctness in favor of open dialogue. We will promote activism, leadership training and youth involvement in the Republican Party on all levels, while understanding that there is a place for all types and brands of conservatism and conservative students.

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