Meet the Team

Ariana Rowlands is the President Emeritus of the College Republicans at UC Irvine, where she studies Political Science. She is a contributor at Breitbart News and Red Alert Politics, and founder of Refined Right. Ariana was awarded 2017's Top 15 Young Activists of the Conservative Movement from Future Female Leaders and Top 100 Most Influential People in Orange County from the Orange County Register. Ariana coordinated a bigly deployment of College Republicans from 4 states to Nevada before the 2016 election to knock doors for President Trump. It is Ariana's goal to give College Republicans a voice as they fight against liberal bias and for conservatism on college campuses across America. She looks forward to growing California College Republicans as the CRNC shapes the future of the Republican Party.

Jacob Ellenhorn

Executive Director

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Jacob Ellenhorn is currently a first year law student at the Gould School of Law at the University of Southern California. In undergrad at USC Jacob served as President of the USC College Republicans, and also served as a Senator in the school's student government. Jacob is no stranger to taking on the left. During his tenure as a Senator and President of his CR chapter Jacob routinely fought for conservative values. Wether it was bringing speakers like Milo Yiannoupolos or Ben Shapiro to campus, or fighting the liberal agenda in student government, Jacob has shown a passion for standing up and speaking or for what he believes in. As Executive Director of CCR Jacob hopes to bring this fighting spirit back to the organization, and rebuild its structure to better support individual chapters.

Christian Chacon


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Christian Chacon is a student at College of the Sequoias and is pursuing a major in Political Science and a minor in Pre-Law. He is the President of his College Republicans chapter and also involved in COS student government. Christian aims to spread the conservative message on campus and looks to foster and implement its values and principles so that California's Republican students can have a strong support base that they can rely and develop from as individuals.

Troy Worden

Administrative Vice Chair

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Troy Worden is an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley, where he studies both English and Philosophy. He is actively involved in the Berkeley College Republicans, California College Republicans, and Bay Area GOP politics. He has volunteered for the Ted Cruz campaign, worked as a speechwriter on a campaign for United States Congress, and is a contributor to multiple online conservative publications. Troy aims to recast College Republicans as the new Free Speech Movement, both at Berkeley and across the state of California, in an attempt to restore conservative students’ most fundamental and cherished constitutional right.

Leslie Garcia


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Leslie Garcia is a second year Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science double major at UC Santa Barbara. She currently serves as Secretary of UCSB College Republicans and volunteered for the Ted Cruz campaign during the 2016 primaries. Leslie hopes to continue exposing more student to conservative viewpoints and opinions, pushing back against the established leftist power structure on college campuses, and she hopes to aid California College Republicans chapters in doing the same.

Andrew Gates

Chief of Staff

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Andrew Gates is a third year at the University of California, Santa Barbara and a staunch supporter of conservative ideals. As President of the UCSB College Republicans, Andrew has worked ceaselessly to ensure the growth of his chapter and the birth of a strong, active and unapologetically conservative College Republican presence on campus. This is not merely a hypothetical for Andrew or for his club; they know firsthand how to effectively establish and ensure the success of our movement, even when facing significant resistance from leftist students and school administrators. Together with his club, Andrew has achieved some of the most successful events featuring Milo Yiannopoulos and Ben Shaprio, as well as lobbying for a Free Speech Resolution through his student government. Andrew looks forward to taking his activism and passion for the conservative movement to college campuses across California.

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Vincent Wetzel

Communications Director

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Vincent is the president of the OCC College Republicans and a double major of computer science and political science. As someone who scores a low-20 on the Buzzfeed privilege test, he has made it his special mission to wage war on identity politics. Vincent believes that conservative students are the most targeted minority on college campuses and that the conservative movement must train and support fearless leaders if we are to start winning the ideological war on college campuses.

Thomas Columbus


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Thomas Columbus is a sophomore public policy student at the University of Southern California as a transfer from his former Saddleback College. Whilst at Saddleback, he with his conservative nonprofit chapter successfully brought in speakers such as David French and Dr. Sebastian Gorka. He and his chapter made national headlines when a gender studies professor tore down and desecrated their posters in commemoration of 9/11. Thomas aims to spread conservative ideals throughout the state and turn California red again!

Emma Bock

Activism Director

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Emma Bock is new to the Conservative sphere. A former raging feminist, she saw the light after listening to speeches by various political experts such as Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager, Dana Loesch, Greg Gutfeld and too many more to name. She currently studies Political Science at UCLA and will probably graduate with crushed dreams and no real world skills. As a former Leftie, she understands the tactics they use for their activism and wants the Right to learn from their opposition's mistakes so as to not annoy those lovely people in the center.

Dylan Steinecke

Executive Advisor

Dylan Steinecke just finished his second year at Cal State University San Marcos and is studying both Cellular & Molecular Biology and Economics. Dylan became very engaged in politics during the 2012 campaign and was eventually voted "Most Likely to be President" in high school. Everyone assumes he's majoring in Political Science, but he wants to have a job after college. At CSUSM, he decided that not enough students and faculty hated him, so he helped create the College Republicans club, of which he is the President. He hopes to help further the conservative movement in the culture and demonstrate how limited government and a strong moral society are superior to big government Leftist ideology.

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Franco Ruffino

Deputy Capitol Area Vice Chairman


Gianfranco Ruffino is a second year student that attends CSU- Sacramento and is currently treasurer of his CR Club. Gianfranco is a Criminal Justice major and possibly pursuing a minor in Government. Gianfranco has put in countless hours volunteering  for Sheriff Scott Jones Congressional race. He hopes to bring the chapters of the capitol region closer together as well as establish new strong chapter in the remaining schools of his region. Coordinating region wide activism events will be a top priority of his.

Justin Azzarito

Bay Area Vice Chair

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Justin Azzarito is a third year undergraduate at Santa Clara University, studying Finance and Economics. After growing up in a small, fiscally-conservative family, Justin realized his passion for the Republican Party during the 2008 Presidential election, and has been a leader in the conservative youth movement ever since. After serving two years as President of the Young Republicans chapter at his high school, he was disappointed to find no active Republican organization at Santa Clara University when he arrived. Justin worked to start a new chapter on his campus, and grew his club’s presence while serving as Treasurer the following year. He currently serves as chapter President, and has overseen astonishing increases in club membership and student activism in recent months. Justin understands the particular challenges that Bay Area College Republicans face everyday on their campuses, and is proud to fight side-by-side with his local CRs to promote conservative beliefs in California. He passionately supports the free speech movement, Second Amendment rights, and President Donald J. Trump.

Floyd Johnson II

Capitol Vice Chair

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Floyd Johnson II is a first-year Government major at Sacramento State University where he serves as Social Director for the CRs there. Floyd involved himself in his campus’ College Republican club during his first semester believing in the conservative message. He knows firsthand that Republican ideals are not welcome on school campuses after he was assaulted at Donald Trump counter protest. Floyd has aspirations of growing College Republicans throughout the state and taking California back from the Democrats.

Katherine Rueckert

Central Coast Vice Chair

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Katherine Rueckert is a third year Civil Engineering major at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.  She currently serves as the President of the Cal Poly College Republican Club, a CCR chapter that proved its power with a successful Milo Yiannopoulos speaking event.  Katherine hopes to encourage a relentless fight for freedom of speech at universities across the state of California to re-establish college campuses as platforms for intellectual diversity and civil discourse.

Noah Ritter

Southern Region Vice Chair


Noah J. Ritter is a fierce fighter for conservative values at Orange Coast College. As one of the original founders of the College Republicans chapter at OCC, Noah knows that dedication and hard work are at the core of everything we do as an organization. Noah hopes to make the Southern Region stronger than it has ever been before and hopes  to make a lasting change in the region.

Rajeev Oak

Deputy Bay Area Vice Chair

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Rajeev Oak is a second year Engineering student at the California Maritime Academy. He currently serves as the President of the California Maritime Academy College Republicans. As a student at one of the most conservative universities in the state Rajeev has been able to grow the CR chapter extremely quickly. As Deputy Vice Chair of the Bay Area region, Rajeev hopes to help other chapters grow and succeed as his chapter has.

Gregory Lu

San Diego Region Vice Chair

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Gregory Lu is a third year studying Political Science with an emphasis in Public Law. He is the current Volunteer Coordinator of the College Republicans at UCSD where he fights for free speech and conservative ideas. He has worked diligently for many Republican campaigns across the state in 2016 and now currently works for San Diego Republican Councilmember Mark Kersey. The proud son of two successful Chinese immigrants, he has learned from them to not play the victim and to stand up for himself in the face of adversity. His aspirations to run for San Diego Regional Vice Chair stems from his desire to bring accountability back to his region as well as ensure the growth of all San Diego chapters. He hopes his success at UCSD can carry over to the rest of the growing chapters in his region.

Larson Eernissee

Los Angeles Area Vice Chair

Larson is a drama major at USC and a dedicated member of the USC College Republicans. Larson believes in the principles of freedom and small government and cannot wait to take his passion to the Los Angeles region.

Kimo Gandall


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Kimo Gandall is External Vice President of the College Republicans at UC Irvine, where he studies  political science. He is a contributor to the Millennial Review, as well as travel team director and committee director for MUN at UCI , and a head delegate for the UCI Debate Team. He is also a paralegal and training to be a Real Estate agent. Kimo aims to assist CCR is in its both refining and effectively implementing functional policy, such as clear procedures and coordinated events, and in doing so, hopes to maintain a cohesive and stable organization that can aid and benefit conservative chapters in fighting against leftist indoctrinarian.

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