Mission Statement

We want California College Republicans to be strong on every level, and that starts with strong chapters.The California College Republicans will continue to be an organization that enables hard workers who support and promote conservatism and conservative candidates for elected office, and reject political correctness in favor of open dialogue. We will promote activism, leadership training and youth involvement in the Republican Party on all levels, while understanding that there is a place for all types and brands of conservatism and conservative students.

We are here to help you reach your objective, you’re not here to help us reach ours:

RebuildCCR is committed to helping each chapter reach their individual goal, whatever it may be. Some campuses respond better to media-grabbing activism, or constant tabling on campus roads, others prioritize electing conservative candidates to student government offices- whatever objective a College Republican chapter has, RebuildCCR will be there to offer support and guidance. Members of our team are experienced in all of these areas- we’ve made national news, we’ve tripled the size of our chapters in two months, and we’ve been elected to student government- and we’re here to help.


Establishing working relations between chapters and central committees:

In order to promote cohesiveness and a network of support systems within the Party, RebuildCCR will encourage California College Republican Chapters to get involved with their local county Lincoln Club and Republican Party and attend their local Party’s events and central committee meetings. A College Republican chapter and a County Republican Party can offer each other support, guidance, connections, opportunities and ways to get involved in the Republican party on the local level, and together create a working relationship that in turn creates a stronger Republican Party and a stronger CCR.

Growing Numbers:

Having strong chapters at California colleges is the most important objective of California College Republicans. Chapters are at the forefront and the core of everything we do as an organization, and it should be the goal of every chapter on every campus to be a strength on campus, and this can be achieved in many ways. We need to have strong promotion of the College Republican brand, and effectively reach out to inactive & closet conservatives on our campuses as well as try to branch out to new prospective conservatives- conservatism is the new counter culture, and we’re making it okay to be you again.

Our Regional Vice Chairs will be constantly working to establish new College Republican chapters at colleges in their areas, and College Republican chapters will regionally work together to provide a more cohesive work force and support system.


Ensuring every chapter hosts at least one speaker per month:

Securing an interesting and engaging list of speakers is a key method for reducing chapter member attrition rates. RebuildCCR will encourage chapters to host speakers at meetings or as separate special events. Our team will check in with chapters regularly to ensure speakers are scheduled monthly, and help with scheduling speakers and creating connections if the chapters need assistance.

Having chapters coordinate their events so when speakers come to one campus, other chapters can come as well:

Sometimes speakers are unable to reach all the campuses where College Republican chapters request their presence. In order to ensure no committed members are left out of these events, we will facilitate coordination between chapters to achieve this end.

Working to most effectively message to the millennial generation:

There are so many millennials on our college campuses that believe in conservative values, we are just not reaching them or marketing to them effectively. The California College Republicans and College Republican National Committee have already worked closely with New Republican to communicate conservative values in a method most congruent with millennial values. However, more work can be done. Our slate will work to connect with those millennials that believe in conservative values, and help those conservatives who stay quiet about their beliefs to come out and turn their core beliefs into core action for the Republican Party.


Fostering greater transparency and communication so all California College Republicans know what their executive board is doing for them:

Communication between the Executive Board and its chapters should be frequent. Even if an Executive Board decision might not directly affect a chapter, knowing what the Executive Board is doing for each individual College Republican ensures that no one gets left behind or kept in the dark. In this way, the Executive Board becomes truly results-driven, with member satisfaction easily measurable and member criticism swiftly taken into account. We are here to support the chapters, not the other way around.


Creating an idea-sharing platform where chapters across the state can provide others advice or recruitment, fundraising activism, and activities:

What works for one chapter might very well work for the next. Our slate is committed to allowing the free exchange of ideas and tactics among chapters across the state through open channels of communication.

Revitalizing the chapters and numbers:

Of special consideration in terms of growing numbers are the chapters that have fallen into relative inactivity. Our slate will devote resources to recruit and restart chapters at schools that no longer have active College Republican chapters as they used to.

Want to help?

Thank you so much for helping us RebuildCCR!