Fight for Life Week

Defund Planned Parenthood Statewide Activism Event

State funded abortion is never justified; taxpayers should not subsidize abortion facilities. However, the current administration in California has a different plan: currently, Democrat state senator Connie Leyva has proposed legislation for universities to fund abortion pills.

Our plan is simple, but extensive.

(1). Institutional Objection. We intend to support CR movements with student governments to push legislation against state funded abortion devices. This will manifest in 3 ways:

(A). Advocate against such atrocities by using open speaker times during public comments;

(B). Assist student senators on writing legislation prohibiting the use of state funds for abortion activities;

(C). Use Students For Life, and other anti-abortion groups to fight for ex-officio positions in student government to lobby for provisions against state-funded abortion;

(2). Statewide Protests. We pledge to allocate resources to coordinate volunteers and staff to protest against state-funded abortion at university health centers and other distribution centers. A number of the schools that support RebuildCCR have already begun preliminary planning on such an event; however, only with the assistance of both CCR resources and management can we truly make this an impactful statewide week.

(3). Media Pressure. By using resources both in the mainstream media, and on social media internet sites, CCR will actively make known such a state-wide activity. The world needs to know: Republicans do not consent to California funding state-funded abortion. This manifests in 6 ways:

(A). Online activism. This includes posts, graphic creations, and discourse facilitation from the grassroots. This is vitally important: for the week of this event, all members of CCR will be asked to participate in a mass campaign that will include using student anti-state-funded abortion to both facilitate and debate abortion policy in California.

(B). Celebrities. By reaching out to important celebrities such as Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos, Lauren Southern, Gavin McInnes, Sebastian Gorka, Donald Trump Jr., and many others, we can provide a platform for debate and discussion that will provide a strong leveraging tool against the left; indeed, with these celebrities, we go from a state-wide, university movement, to a national sensation.

(C). Coordination with News Organizations. For the normal voter this is vital to shifting perspectives; we intend to participate consistently with mainstream and new media sources such as Fox News, the Hill, CampusReform, Breitbart, The Daily Wire, The College Fix, ConservativeReview, and more. This will provide our platform not only with traction among the youth, but with an extension to adults of different political backgrounds. We will also push to get clubs mentioned in their respective campus newspapers.

(D). Dominate Media Signaling Mechanisms. This includes dominating Twitter hashtags, facebook trends, and other social media platforms. Once we begin the discussion, the flame for reform will be ingrained among the population. Not only will this inspire uninvolved conservatives, but it will influence establishment institutions that are necessary to pass policy to fight state-funded abortion.

(E). Online Campaigning. Studies have consistently shown, that online campaigning holds both social and political influence on societies at large. This is no different; not only will CCR allocate resources towards online campaigning, but the institution at large will organize and plan specific campaigning to remind the left who has won the culture war.

PP event flyer

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